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Machined Objective2 Rear Plate for AC Jack

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Alternative rear endplate for the Objective2 headphone amplifier. This modification moves Objective2's power jack to the rear side of the enclosure.


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This alternative rear plate for the Objective2 headphone amplifier accepts an isolated AC power jack. Our panels use a beautiful brushed finish with laser-etched artwork. Anodized aluminum resists fingerprints.

Parts are machined from beautiful brushed aluminum, with permanent laser etched artwork.


  1. Using screws provided with your Box B2-080 enclosure, attach the rear panel.
  2. Sand black finish from B2-080 hole nearest the input jack. See NwAvGuy's example.
  3. Attach ground wire to input jack of Objective2 PCB.
  4. Insert assembled Objective2 PCB into enclosure.
  5. Attach front panel to enclosure. Securely wrap ground wire between front panel and case.
  6. Push caps onto power and gain switches.
  7. Place knob on volume potentiometer.

Tech Specs

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Dimensions 108.50 x 29.50 x 2.00 mm
Weight 0.56 oz
Composition Brushed Al 6061