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Smart Performance for Portable Users

C5 is built for portable users who need a small amp with USB recharging, exceptionally low noise, sufficient output power, long battery life, and most importantly, a super fine volume control to handle sensitive headphones and IEMs.


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A high-performance portable headphone amplifier featuring digital volume control, bass boost, dual gain, and all-day battery run time.


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Feature Packed

C5 is a high-performance portable headphone amplifier featuring digital volume control, multi-position bass boost, dual gain, and all-day battery run time.

Perfect Channel Balance

Digital stepped attenuation with zero-crossing detection and 1dB attenuation steps provide smooth volume adjustment at all volume levels, even with sensitive IEMs.

Dual LDO Regulation

High performance audio starts with clean power. Supply rails are filtered by impressive TPS7A4700 and TPS7A3301 regulators to achieve ultra low supply noise at a constant output voltage of +/-7V.

Smart USB Charging

Powered by a large 1200mAh Li-Ion battery, C5 quickly charges from any USB port (computer, tablet charger, cell phone charger, etc.). A single LED indicates battery status: solid green while on, blinking while battery is low, or blue while charging.

Configurable Sound

C5 features dual gain levels and a multi-position bass boost toggle for highly customizable sound. Medium bass boost only available in C5's built after Dec 17, 2013

Opensource Firmware

C5 runs on our fully opensource Arduino firmware!

Reference Class

C5's purely resistive signal path delivers audibly exceptional THD, noise, and frequency response performance.

Tech Specs

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Amplifier Performance

Frequency Response +/- 0.1 dB (20Hz-20kHz)
THD+N (20-20kHz, 150 Ω) 0.0015%
THD+N (20-20kHz, 32 Ω) 0.0045%
Noise -105 dBu
Crosstalk @ 150 Ω -67 dB
Inter-channel Phase @ 1kHz +/- 0.01
Channel Balance +/- 0.55 dB, all volume positions
Max Output @ 600Ω 4.146 VRMS
Max Output @ 150Ω 3.580 VRMS
Max Output @ 32Ω 1.182 VRMS
Power Supply 14.0 Vpp
Output Impedance 0.62 Ω
Battery Run Time 11-14 Hours
Charge Time 2-4 Hours


Digital Stepped Attenuation 63 steps + mute
Dual Gain 2.3x and 6.5x
Bass Boost Off / Med / High*
Low Battery Indication @ 20 Minutes
Thin Film Resistors 0.1% Tolerance
Battery 1200mAh, 3.7V Li-Ion


Input 3.5mm
Output 3.5mm
Charging USB


Case Dimensions (mm) 99.5 x 61.5 x 14.0
Weight 4.2oz


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