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cMoyBB Frequency Response Calculator

Default cMoyBB component values are initially loaded (R2=100k, C2=1uF, R3=2.05k, R4=10.2k, Rb=24k, Cb=0.068uF). Resistor R2 should not be modified unless a different impedance volume potentiometer is used. The AC coupling input capacitor, C2, functions as a high pass filter with R2. DC Coupling can be simulated by entering an arbitrarily large value for C2, such as 1000uF. Resistors R3 and R4 set the amplifier gain. Rb sets the magnitude of bass boost, while Cb sets the bass boost shelving frequency.

For comparison, the original cMoy uses R2=100k, C2=0.1uF, R3=1k, R4=10k, and Rb=0.

To compare multiple curves, plot each desired set of components. Scroll down to the "Select Graph" box and click "Add" for each plot you wish to compare. The color of each curve can be modified by clicking on their color in the "Graphs:" box. Last, click "Show" to display all curves simulateously. "Re-Populate" clears the multiple plots box.

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