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Verified O2 Power Adapters

Model Output Voltage (VAC) Output Current (mA) Plug Type Input Voltage (VAC) Frequency (Hz) Supplier(s) Notes
Triad WAU12-200 13.5 200 A 120 60 JDS Labs, Mouser NwAvGuy's default recommendation for North America
GEZ GPG411500500WA 15 500 C, G, or I 220 50 JDS Labs EU, United Kingdom, or Australia
Triad WAU16-400 16 400 A 120 60 Mouser
Triad WAU20-200 20 200 A 120 60 Mouser
Xicon 412-218054 18 500 A 120 60 Mouser
Maplin N58AT 15 1000 G 230 50 Maplin For United Kingdom. Set slider to 15V!
Jaycar MP3059 16 1500 I 240 50 Jaycar Australia
Altronics M9265A 12-14? 500 I 240 50 Altronics Australia

General Notes

The Objective2 strictly requires an AC-to-AC transformer, with minimum 13.50VAC output (14VAC+ recommended).

AC/DC adapters are very different from AC/AC adapters. Manufacturers commonly abbreviate and refer to all types simply as "AC Adapters", which gives no indication of their actual output. Most adapters are in fact AC/DC type, which supply DC current. These power adapters are used with typical electronics such as laptops, game consoles, computer peripherals, etc., and are not compatible with the Objective2.

Required Characteristics

The Objective2 accepts the following power adapter characteristics:

  • Type: AC-to-AC Transformer (AC/AC, not AC/DC!)
  • Voltage: 14VAC minimum, 20VAC maximum
  • Current: 200mA minimum, no maximum
  • Plug Size: 2.1 x 5.5mm (Inner Diameter x Outer Diameter)
  • Choosing a Suitable AC/AC Adapter

    The above table is a user compiled list of power adapters suitable for use with the Objective2.

    Select an adapter with the correct plug type for your country. Refer to the following resources for help with plug types:

  • Power Plugs by Country - Electric Power Around The World
  • Comparison of Plugs - AC Power Plugs
  • If no adapters are listed with your country's plug type, try to select a foreign adapter with the correct Input Voltage and Frequency for your region. Then use a plug converter, such as the Kingsmart UNI001. As a last resort, you may need to use a Step-Down transformer in conjunction with one of the commonly available North American power adapters. One example is the Simran SMF-200.